Eastlake Montessori

parent testimonials

  • Cheryl Keating

    I’ve had a front row seat at watching all my grandsons attend and each one of them have gained so much. Their self-esteem, eagerness to learn and engage has been truly encouraged. Now that my youngest grandson is so happy and comfortable I wanted you to know how grateful I am. I’ve recommended your school when asked.

  • Mary Sherman

    I have been very impressed with the high quality of education my granddaughter has achieved while a preschool and now kindergarten student at Eastlake Montessori School. She is far ahead of other children her age in scholastic areas such as, reading, writing, math and science. In addition she has learned interpersonal skills, life skills and problem solving skills in a wonderfully fun and supportive environment . This has been such an overall, great experience for us, that I am always touting EMS’ program and teachers to my family and friends. I am so glad we found this school!

  • Julie Marchant

    We couldn’t imagine a better first school for Elle. From the moment we met Lory and her team we knew Elle would thrive here. They are all thoughtful and caring teachers and we are always very impressed with the work our daughter brings home. Best of all, she loves it. I highly recommend East Lake Montessori. It’s a wonderful place!

  • Todd and Anastasia McCune

    We have been amazed and delighted at what our son Rowan is bringing home from school every day. New songs (his favorite is the 7 continents), new concepts, a huge jump in writing skills, a strengthened interest in reading…. he is thriving and we love to see him so happy. Rowan has always had a really hard time being separated from Mom, but at the end of each school day he excitedly tells me something he learned or did, proudly shows off his work, or says he had a great time, which tells me he feels secure and valued at school. We are grateful for the wonderful, varied, thoughtful, homey environment that Eastlake provides, and look forward to sending our second son when he is old enough.

  • Mrs. Coffman

    Dave and I feel so very blessed that our daughters Morgan and Brooke were able to be apart of such a wonderful learning environment at Eastlake Montessori. As a mom trying to figure out when and where to send my kids to school, it was very emotional, time intensive and required a great deal of research. When I began the process, I was looking for a school that would provide a loving atmosphere, physical activity and a focused learning environment. When I found Eastlake Montessori, two years ago, I knew right away it was the perfect fit for my girls.Morgan is older and in grade school, and Brooke was starting pre-school. Both Morgan and Brooke attended the summer program and Brooke also attended Pre-school and Pre- K at Eastlake. The summer program is great. The children are able to plant and tend to the schools garden, play outside, work on reading, numbers, etc and many great activities.Brooke’s understanding of counting, geography, reading ability and much more, have been amazing to watch. I would recommend Montessori education for everyone with young children. The concept is powerful and keeps the children learning throughout the day no matter what work they are doing. Our family will always hold Eastlake Montessori close in our hearts.

    Ms. Daguerre, Ms. Walker and Mrs. McDonald are very nurturing and have wonderful working relationships with the children. As a parent, I felt very confident that my daughters were in a safe and caring place.

  • Charlene Moser

    Few decisions I’ve made as a parent have been as easy – or rewarding – as the decision to enroll my children in Eastlake Montessori. From the moment I pulled into the driveway, it was obvious that this is no ordinary preschool. The facility is different, the teachers are different, and the experience is different.The quaint school house is charming and homey and provides the ideal environment for Montessori education. The teachers are caring and experienced – and the three of them together have a combined 30+ years working at Eastlake Montessori! You just don’t find that type of stability and loyalty in preschool education, but when you do, you know you’ve stumbled upon something special.The education my children received at Eastlake was amazing and provided a solid foundation for their success in life. They left for Kindergarten able to read independently, add and subtract, label world maps, write stories – even clean up after themselves and fold and iron clothes. More importantly, they left Eastlake with self- confidence, social skills, problem-solving abilities, practical life skills, excellent manners and a strong sense of their place in the world.

    Eastlake Montessori provided my children a safe place to learn and grow, to think independently, to explore the world around them, to take chances and to be held accountable for their choices. I will be forever grateful for all that Eastlake Montessori has given my children.