welcome to eastlake montessori

Eastlake Montessori School is a small, cozy traditional Montessori preschool housed in a 1950’s-style ranch home located in Thornton.  Eastlake Montessori serves children ages 3 through 7 where they are encouraged to learn and thrive at their own pace through individualized lessons.  Encouraging and fostering a love of learning is an important component of our program.

Our school was started in 1981 and has a rich history and tradition. Our established staff provides a safe, secure, and nurturing learning environment for the children. Most of our children come from the cities of Thornton, Northglenn, Broomfield, Westminster and Brighton.

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what is montessori

Montessori was an amazing woman whose insight and observations of young children changed the way young children have been educated worldwide. Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) first worked with mentally challenged children and got miraculous results.

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parent testimonials

  • Cheryl Keating

    I’ve had a front row seat at watching all my grandsons attend and each one of them have gained so much. Their self-esteem, eagerness to learn and engage has been truly encouraged. Now that my youngest grandson is so happy.

  • Mary Sherman

    I have been very impressed with the high quality of education my granddaughter has achieved while a preschool and now kindergarten student at Eastlake Montessori School. She is far ahead of other children.