May Newsletter

Special Guests

Justin, a member of the Thornton Fire Department who is currently on light duty will be coming on Wednesday, May 3rd at 2 pm.  Unfortunately, he can come only in the afternoon and there will not be space for morning friends to come for the presentation.  This is better than last year when no one from the fire department was able to come.  Justin will be sharing about fire safety and show the children the equipment a fire fighter uses.  Children in the morning class will learn about fire safety as part of line time.

Jonathan Fenske, Floralei’s dad, will be sharing with us several of his published children’s story books and show the children how some of his book characters are drawn.  Jonathan visited our school last year and the children really loved his presentation.  Book orders will be sent home to allow you to purchase some of Jonathan’s books.  If you would like, on the order form, you can tell Jonathan how you would like the books to be autographed.  Book orders need to be returned by Friday, May 12th so the books will arrive before the school year ends.  Jonathan will share with both the morning and afternoon class on Tuesday, May 9th.

Officer Barnes is coming to talk about personal safety on Thursday, May 11th at 10:15 and 2:15.  He has been a special guest for many years and does an excellent job of communicating with the children how to be safe.

What we are learning

This final month of the regular school year we will visit Antarctica.  The children will be experimenting with float & sink, diffusion and repelling.  We will also learn about fire and personal safety.

Planting the garden

We will be planting our garden!  It would be great to have parent volunteers help with this.  Of course it all depends on the weather.  It will probably be during the week of May 15th.  As we get closer to planting I’ll e-mail you all again to see who is able to help.

School Picture Orders

A big thank you to Jessica Hanson, Layla Kor’s mother, for the fantastic pictures she took of individual students and our class pictures.  Remember your picture orders will be delivered to the school and your order must be placed by Friday, May 5th.

Field Day

We will do a field day where we spend quite a bit of time outdoors.  We will play relay games, do an obstacle course and make ice cream.  We are planning on doing this on Thursday, May 25th.

End of School Picnic

We are keeping the tradition of ending our school year with a picnic on the last day which is Friday, May 26th.  It is at Woodglen/Brookshire Park in Thornton which is only 5 minutes away from the school!

Be sure to go to Clayton and St. Paul Street.  NOT the Madison side of the park.

Also keep in mind that there are only port-a-potties at the park so have your child and family members use the restrooms at your home prior to coming.

We will be having a potluck where every family will volunteer to bring food to share.  Please remember we have students with peanut and tree nut allergies.  Please sign-up for what you will be sharing.

Plan to arrive around 11 at the park.  The children will perform a few songs for us to enjoy around 11:30 then we will eat.  Guests, parents and siblings are welcome to attend.

If you can not locate us at the park, please feel free to call either Ms. Daguerre at 303-946-7524 or Mrs. Chambers at 970-215-6504.

There are not many tables at this park.  So we are looking for a few tables to serve as serving tables to hold the food, plates, drinks, etc.  If you have a table that you think we might borrow, please let us know.

Thank you

A big thank you to Jessica Greco, Max’s mom, for handling the Scholastic book orders this year.

Thanks also goes to Anastasia McCune, Cassie’s mother, who handled the Box Top for Education fund raiser this year.

Important Dates

Some of you will be returning but taking the summer off.  We hope you have a fun, safe and restful time.  Also feel free to stop by and visit.  Returning students will start back on Tuesday, September 5th.

For those of you coming for the summer program, we look forward to seeing you soon.  Summer school starts on Monday, June 5th and runs until Friday, August 11th.

The introductory class for new students will run from Monday, August 28th to Friday, September 1st.

Thank you! Thank you!

I can’t say it enough.  You are all great.  It has been a pleasure having all of you be a part of our school family.

I’m looking forward to retiring in Estes Park but I know I will miss you all.  I know the school will go on without me with the same great staff!