April Newsletter

What We Are Learning

During April we will be exploring the continent of South America, learning about tropical rainforests, talking more about spring, and learning about taking care of our Earth.  In science, we will learn about different types of rocks and how they are formed.  The children will “make a volcano erupt” using baking soda and colored vinegar.

If any of you have visited or lived in South America, I’m sure the children would love to hear all about it.

Class Photos and Individual Photos

Details will be coming soon about class and individual photos.  Layla Kor’s mother, Jessica Hanson, will be our photographer this year.

Earth Day Walk

We will be taking an Earth Day walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash.  As long as the weather is agreeable, we will do it on Friday, April 21st.  For those children that don’t attend on Fridays, you are welcome to join us for the walk.  Check with Mrs. McDonald if you are interested.  Parents are welcome.  Again let Mrs. McDonald know if you are interested in coming along.