March Newsletter

Registration for summer and fall classes

You should be receiving on Monday, February 27th a registration letter and form for summer and fall classes.  Please let us know if you don’t receive these forms.

We are licensed for children ages 2 1/2 through age seven.  For those of you who plan on having your child attend public kindergarten half-days next year, we would suggest you continue to have your child attend with us the other half of their day.  Most public kindergarten programs emphasize the social aspects of being in a classroom but don’t have the time for much academic learning.  Then first grade is often an academic challenge if they only attend public kindergarten.  We do offer a wonderful kindergarten program with special activities throughout the year just for kindergarteners.

If you wish to register a sibling, please fill out a registration form and the other registration forms you will find on the school website under the parent page.

An updated doctor’s health form and immunization record is needed yearly for all children to attend.

Please return your forms and registration fee by Friday, March 24th.  Thank you.

School Closed

Spring break this year will be from March 27th to March 31st.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The spring parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, March 16th during the evening and Friday, March 17th during the day time.

Sign-up sheets will be available in the kitchen beginning Monday, February 27th.  You can also call the school between 8 – 8:30 or after 3:00 to have a staff member put you on the sign-up list.  Feel free to e-mail in your request at

The children will have school on Thursday, March 16th but WILL NOT have school on Friday, March 17th.  One conference time is available for each child.  If you have two children who attend our school, please sign-up for two conference times so there will be enough time to conference about both children.  You can schedule your conference with either Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Chambers, Ms. Walker or Ms. Daguerre.

Please remember that NO CHILDREN are to come during conferences.   Thank you.

Parent Observations

Parents are encouraged to come and observe their child at work prior to parent-teacher conferences.  Too many extra adults in the classroom can be overwhelming for the children however.  So please sign-up on the kitchen calendar if you would like to observe.  We are limiting the number of observers to two for each work period.

Thank you

Thank you to Brian Hirsbrunner for sharing with the children about how to care for our teeth with the morning class.  Thank you to Nadiya and Kenneth Gibson for sharing about their visits to Africa with the afternoon class.

What we are learning

During March we will be exploring the continent of Australia, learning about birds, talking about spring and starting to plant seeds for our vegetable garden.  The children will also discover that air is every where when they place semi-porous objects in water and see air bubbles emerge.