January Newsletter

Welcome Back!

Our school will start back on Tuesday, January 3rd.

We hope you all had a fun and relaxing holiday break.

Thank you!

It was fun to have both Shane Shepard, Jaxon’s father, and Nadiya Gibson, Connor’s mother, share about places in Europe they traveled to and lived in last month.  Thanks for sharing with us.  The children loved your presentations.

What we are learning

Dinosaurs will be a huge part of our classroom learning this month.  Several new works are on the science, art and practical life shelves related to these prehistoric animals.  The children are even going to work together as paleontologists and unearth some plastic dinosaur bones!  Once they are unearthed, we will fit them together.

Also in the science area we will be learning about electricity.  The children will put a simple circuit board together and do some experimentation with static electricity.

Sliding of several objects along an incline will expose the children to the concept of friction.

We will be exploring the continent of Asia including the Chinese New Year and origami from Japan.  We will try to move things with chop sticks, paint Chinese word characters and create a miniature Zen garden.

Prior to the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday we will be discussing the civil rights movement and why Dr. King was so special.

If you would like to share with our class items and experiences you have related to these topics, please let us know.  It is always fun for the children to have Mom or Dad come and share.

School Closed

We will be closed on Monday, January 16th for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Speech/Hearing Testing

Jane Guberud a speech and language pathologist will be coming to our school to test children individually for speech, language, auditory perception, basic concepts, sound-letter association skills and pure-tone audiologic screening.  This screening will take place during class time during the week of January 17th.

As a parent, you have the choice of having your child evaluated by Jane.  There is a $20 testing fee.

Jane has been coming to our school for over 30 years and has worked with several children who have attended our school with their speech.

A letter from Jane and an authorization form will be passed out the week of January 3rd.  Forms and payment must be returned by Friday, January 13th.