February Newsletter

Valentine’s Day Party

We plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, February 14th.  Our celebration is a simple one.  Earlier in the month, each child will lace together a large paper heart folder to hold the valentines they receive.  Each child brings enough valentines for all the children in their class.  Each child is given a turn to drop a valentine into the other children’s folders.

Please have your child sign their own name on the valentines.  This is a great way for them to practice writing their name.  If your child is young, you might want to have them sign a few each day because the task of signing your name multiple times can be overwhelming.  Please do not address the valentines.  That way when it is time for your child to drop their valentines in each child’s heart shaped folder they won’t have to search for individuals.

If your child normally doesn’t attend school on Tuesdays, please drop off your child’s valentines before February 14th.  We will make sure they receive valentines from the other children.  We will keep the valentines and send them home with them the next school day they attend.

In the past few years our Valentine’s party has turned into a major candy feast.  The children loose the joy of looking at and reading the valentines because all they look at is how much candy they are getting.  So please do not send candy or edible treats.

If your child attends only in the morning class, please have 31 valentines.   Please send 31 valentines if your child attends only in the afternoon class.  Finally, if your child attends all day please send 48 valentines.

School Closed

We will be closed for the President’s Day holiday on Monday, February 20th.

What we are learning

We will be learning about our five senses by mixing primary colors to create secondary colors, playing a five senses bingo game and by matching different scents using smelling bottles.  Children will explore chromatography which is the science of separating colors into primary compositions by using markers to draw lines on a paper towel and then wetting it with a spray bottle.

We will be exploring the continent of Africa learning about some of the unique animals found there.  During our line time, the children will learn a little about African countries and cultures.

The children will learn how to put batteries into a flashlight, use a flashlight to get shadows and discover reflection and refraction.

We will be talking about our feelings and how to correctly express them.

We will learn about our nation’s presidents including our first president, George Washington, our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln and our new president Donald Trump.

February is also Children’s Dental Health Awareness month.  The children will be learning how to brush their teeth and gums by practicing on a typodont (teeth model).  Olivia Hirsbrunner’s father, Brian, is a dentist.  He will be coming in the morning on Wednesday, February 8th to speak to the children about dental care.

If you would like to share with our class items and experiences you have related to these topics, please let us know.  It is always fun for the children to have mom or dad come and share.

Thank you

Gianna’s parents, Stephanie and Brian, traveled to Iceland and brought back several items for our school.   The children all got to taste some chocolate from Iceland.  They shared a small statue of Iceland’s national bird, the Puffin, some different denominations of currency, a rock from the Blue Lagoon, and a small statue of the first Viking.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness. These items will be available for future students enjoy too!