December Newsletter

Thanks for coming and talking with us

We enjoyed sharing a little about what your child has been learning this year during parent-teacher conferences.  Spring conferences will take place in March.

What we are learning

During the month of December we are focusing on Europe.  If you have lived or visited Europe and would like to share with the children your experiences, please let us know.

In the science area, we will have further exploration of magnets.  The children will use the balance scale to determine the weight of different objects.  Magnification will be explored.

In the practical life area, the children will be hammering in clay and further refining their fine motor control using the graded screw board.  They will practice folding clothes and packing a suitcase.

Older children will be taught how to wrap a present with paper and tape while the younger children place their gift in a gift bag.  The “gifts” are not kept but are used to practice grace and courteous lessons in giving and receiving.  The giver presents the gift saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” and the receiver says “Thank you.”  The two children doing the work then switch roles.

We will be decorating our classroom with paper chains, popcorn strings and making ornaments for our classroom Christmas tree.  The ornaments will go home along with a special surprise for you.

School Closed

Our last day of school before the winter holiday will be Friday, December 16th.  Students will return to class on Tuesday, January 3rd.  We hope you all have a wonderful holiday break with family and friends.