November Newsletter

Parent-Teacher Conferences

We are looking forward to talking with each of you about what your child has been learning.  Sign up for conferences is available in the kitchen.  You can also e-mail Mrs. McDonald at or call the school to arrange a conference.

Evening conferences are available on Thursday, November 17th and day time conferences will be available on Friday, November 18th.   There will be no school on Friday, November 18th.  If those dates do not work for you, please speak to one of the teachers about scheduling a conference time before or after school on another day.

Please make other arrangements for your children during conference time as children do not attend.  Each conference time is 30 minutes.  If you have two children who attend our school, please sign up for two conferences times so we have enough time to cover each child’s progress.

Each teacher will be prepared to tell you about what your child is learning throughout the classroom.  So you only sign up to speak with one teacher.  Mrs. Chambers can conference with parents whose child attends in the morning or all day.  Mrs. McDonald is available to conference about children attending in the afternoon or all day.  Ms. Walker and Ms. Daguerre can conference about any child as they work throughout the day.

Kindergarten information meeting

Please join us on Tuesday, November 29th for an informative meeting on the importance of the Montessori Kindergarten year.  We know that now is the time many families are beginning to think about where to send their child for Kindergarten and we hope that you will consider Eastlake Montessori among your options.  If your child will be Kindergarten-ready, or if you just want to learn more about the Montessori three-year cycle and what makes the Montessori Kindergarten year so special, we encourage you to come!  All Eastlake parents are welcome and light refreshments will be provided.  We will be holding one session at 6:00 PM and a repeat session at 7:00 PM, so please come to whichever meets the needs of your family best.  Please let us know if you plan on attending.  We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, November 29th!

What we are learning

During the month of November we are focusing on Native Americans and Pilgrims.  The children will learn how to set a proper table.  (You might want them to help with that task at home.)  We will continue to refine our fine motor skills tweezing sunflower seeds, using an eye dropper to transfer colored water and using a flat headed screw driver.  The children will explore magnets, the balance scale, surface tension as water is dropped one drop at a time on to a coin and water absorption in our science area.

No School

As mentioned earlier, there will be no school on Friday, November 18th because of conferences.  We will be closed for Veteran’s Day on Friday, November 11th.  We will also be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday from Wednesday, November 23rd to Friday, November 25th.  We hope you have a pleasant break with family and friends.


With the cold mornings and warm afternoons, lots of coats have been left behind.  Please check the coat room to see if any of the extra jackets lying on the shelves or hanging on hooks belong to your child.  Also check the red borrow basket for your child’s coat.  Your child will be needing his or her coat soon.  Please also write your child’s name in any coat or jacket he or she brings to school.  Several children have similar coats this year.  Thank you.

Extra Clothes Box

With the colder weather, please take a moment to check your child’s extra clothes box to ensure the clothes are appropriate for the season.  Thank you.

Small Hands fundraiser

Thanks to all the parents and grandparents that participated in our Small Hands fundraiser.  We will get $82.44 in credit to use to purchase some additional materials for our classroom.

Cash for Produce

Thanks to all who made donations when picking up produce from our school garden.  One hundred thirty dollars was raised and will be pasted on to area food banks to purchase non-perishable food.