September Newsletter


It is a pleasure to have you and your child be part of our Eastlake Montessori family.  We hope you had a wonderful summer.  We are eager to start this coming year with all of you.


We have found communicating via the internet to be fast and efficient.  So you will be receiving your monthly newsletter as well as most communication from our school via e-mail.  If you would rather get a print-out of the newsletter please let us know.

Of course, nothing beats eye to eye contact when visiting with someone but often time does not permit this.  If you have comments or questions, please feel free to e-mail Mrs. McDonald at

School Start

The introductory class for new students starts on Monday, August 29th.  All returning students will start back on Tuesday, September 6th.

Arrival and Departure

Just a friendly reminder, unless you have made special arrangements with Mrs. McDonald, the earliest arrival time is 8:15 and latest departure is 11:45 for the morning class.  In the afternoon, the earliest arrival is 12:15 and all children must leave school property by 3:45 unless part of the after school program.

School Closed

Please note that we do not have school on Monday, September 5th – Labor Day.

Tuition Due

Please note that monthly tuition is due by the 7th of every month.  If this doesn’t work for you, please see Mrs. McDonald to make special arrangements.  Thank you.


Please enter the driveway on the southeast side of the school and exit on the northeast side.  Park your car towards the inside of the driveway loop so that other cars can get by.  If you will be coming inside for an extended time, please park either on the street in front of the school or on the gravel in front of the school’s playground.

Drop-off and Sign-In

When your child arrives at school, please accompany him in and sign the parent sign-in sheet with the current time next to your child’s name.  Please don’t linger by the door or visit with the staff.  Long good-byes and long visits with a teacher make it hard on others who are arriving.  It also communicates to your child that you are uncertain about leaving him/her in our care.

Pick-up and Sign-Out

When your child is picked up, the person picking up your child must write the time and his/her initials in the pick-up column next to the time.  This policy includes parents.  Thank you.

No Peanuts or Tree Nuts Please

We have a couple of students with severe peanut and tree nut allergies.  In the best interest of our children we will be a nut free environment.  We ask that you DO NOT send foods containing peanuts, peanut oil, or tree nuts.  This includes lunch time.  Thank you!

Lunch Time

We have 13 to 17 children having lunch on a regular basis this year.  Fridays are our lightest lunch time attendance.  If you are interested in having your child join us on Fridays for lunch please ask Mrs. McDonald.

For those of you whose child is joining us for lunch time, we suggest that you prepare ahead of time anything that needs to be warmed up.  Then only minimal time is needed to warm it up and it will maximize the amount of time your child has to eat.  Thank you.

We will have two lunch moms this year:  Hollie Wycoff and Abby McLean.

Parent Handbook

If you haven’t read our parent handbook recently, we encourage you to review it soon.  It has a lot of useful information.  You can find a copy on-line under the parent page in the school website: or ask for a printed copy.


The garden has been growing!  We are eating lots of good produce from it including watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, beets, peppers and broccoli.  Soon we will be harvesting pumpkins as well.   We plan on doing lots of baking with the children.

In fact, our garden has been producing so much that we are setting out extras.  You are welcome to take what you can use.  There will be a cash donation jar next to the produce.  Any donations made will be passed on to area food banks.

What We Are Learning

We are learning the classroom rules and how to interact with each other with grace and courtesy lessons at line time.

This month we are studying about our Earth.  It is made of land and water.  We are discovering what animals live on the land and what animals live in the water.

We will be doing some classification skills with solid, liquid and gas and transparent, translucent and opaque.

Later we will explore and learn a little about each of the other planets in our solar system.

School Directory

Each of you will be asked to proof read your information on the school directory before it is printed and passed out for your use.  This will be done during the first week of school.  A printed copy of the school calendar will also be printed and passed out.  The directory will also be available on-line under the parents corner page.  It is password protected.  Ask Mrs. McDonald for the password if you want to obtain it that way.

Box Tops

We are continuing to collect Box Tops for Education from General Mills products.  There is a collection jar by the tuition check box on the shelf above the stove.  The box tops earn us ten cents a piece.  This is an easy fund raiser for our school that really doesn’t cost you anything.  We are pleased to announce that Anastasia McCune, Cassie’s mother, will be handling this fundraiser.

Scholastic Book Club

We will have books available to order through Scholastic Book clubs.  Buying books with Scholastic is totally optional. We will earn bonus points that we can use to purchase books and other classroom equipment.  Please let Mrs. McDonald know if you are interested in handling this fundraiser.  Thank you.

Milk Caps for MOOOLA

Eastlake Montessori is part of the Milk Caps for Mooola program with Longmont Dairy.  There is a collection box in the coat room.  We earn 5 cents for each milk cap.  Last year we filled the box and received $91.85!

School Cleaning

We want to thank Julia Finley, Eli’s mom.  She does an excellent job of thoroughly cleaning the school every weekend.

Teacher Work Schedule

Ms. Daguerre and Ms. Walker will be teaching 8 to 4 every day.  Mrs. Chambers will work from 8 to 12:30 each day.  Mrs. McDonald will arrive most mornings around 11 and stay until 5.  Mrs. Fox will be doing her Montessori internship with us and work most days from 12:30 to 5.

We are pleased to announce

As mentioned above, Mrs. Fox, Gavin and Lincoln’s mother is doing her training to be a certified Montessori teacher.  She and her husband, Brian, are also going to be buying the school from Mrs. McDonald.  The sale will take place in June 2017.  Nicole Fox was a director of a Montessori school in Ohio for ten years.  So she brings a strong background in the running of a school.  It also means that the quality program that you have grown use to will continue.

Mrs. McDonald will be retiring next year.  She and her husband, Dennis, will be moving to Estes Park where they currently own a townhouse.

Items for Sale

Ms. Walker has an upright piano that she would like to sell. She is asking $200.

We have a student two tier adjustable desk that is 34” x 24”.  The lower area is 7” and the top tier is 16” in width.  The desk has lockable wheels.  It was a computer desk used for many years but no longer fits our classroom décor.  The asking price is $30.

Mrs. McDonald also has a large oak china cabinet for sale.  It features glass doors, a back mirror and an interior light.  It has a couple closed storage areas below.  It measures 20” x 56” x 76”.  She is asking $300.

Thanks Again

AGAIN THANKS and Welcome to everyone!