June Newsletter

Summer is here!

We are delighted to have your child join us for our summer program.  Our first day will be Tuesday, June 7th.  Summer school will be held from June 7th to August 11th.  Ms. Walker and Ms. Daguerre are running the program.  Mrs. McDonald will be primarily doing the office work and gardening.

Spots still available

We have spots in the afternoon available still in this summer program.  Let your friends know.  Also there are spots available for our fall program in the afternoon.  Word of mouth is our best advertiser.  Let your friends know about our wonderful school.  Thanks.

What to bring

Please bring a box with a change of clothes, a 2-pocket folder to hold work plus a hat to remain at school for the summer.  A water bottle with your child’s name on it that comes every Tuesday and goes home for washing every Thursday.  If your child attends all day, please also supply a bottle of sunscreen you would like to be applied in the afternoon.  For those of you attending all day, a permission form is attached with this newsletter.


Please apply sunscreen prior to dropping your child off each day.


Many of you are having your child attend all day and are therefore packing a lunch each day.  Please don’t put any peanut or tree nut products in your child’s lunch.  We have a couple of children who are allergic.  Also PLEASE do not bring something that needs to be warmed up.  We have twelve children having lunch this summer.  We will be eating on picnic tables outside.  So it is not practical for us to be warming up lunch items.


During the summer, you pay for the weeks your child attends.  Please pay at the beginning of each month for the number of weeks your child will attend in the month unless you have made other arrangements.  Contact Mrs. McDonald if you are unsure the amount that is due.  Thanks.


We will be tending our garden throughout the summer.  If you would like to assist the children during drop-off or pick-up time, please let Ms. Walker or Ms. Daguerre know.

What we are learning

During the first part of the summer, we will be learning about the Earth’s oceans.  Ms. Daguerre will share her scuba diving equipment and show photos taken of coral and fish.  We will also make a special surprise for our dads.